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How I Saw the Crypto Market Crash Coming and Got My People Out Before It Was Too Late

Traders Magazine Online News, February 5, 2018

Daniel Jeffries

I hunched forward, shoulders tight, staring intensely at the screen, the prices surging across the chart.

ďGet out!Ē screamed the little voice in my head.

I ignored it like I usually do.

That stupid voice is Chicken Little. The sky is always falling. Itís there to save you from bad things happening but the problem is it†always†thinks bad things are happening. Your brain sees disaster around every corner. Itís wired that way.

And itís usually wrong.

But today was different.

There†was†something wrong. I knew it. I just couldnít see it clearly yet because my head was spinning crazily, my heart thundering in my chest.

A storm of confusing advice battered my skull.

ďDonít listen. Youíre fiiiiiine. Itís all good. HODL.Ē

ďRemember that time you sold right before the big run, loser? Hahahaha! Thatís whatís happening. Perma-bulls are right. It goes up forever!Ē

ďItís a mirage. You canít predict the future. Forget it. Just hang on. Youíre gonna miss out BIG TIME.Ē

But I ignored all that too. I focused, lasering in the chart, breathing deep from the belly, letting go of fear and euphoria, those twin imposters of the heart.

A minute passed and then another in total silence, the voices going quiet, dropping back into the white noise. My emotions receded with the waves and I was calm and seeing clearly now.

ďWhat is the chart telling me? Go through the indicators. See it clearly, without emotion. Donít guess. Zoom out. Look at the longer time line. What do you see?Ē

I turned to the one day chart of Bitcoin.

And there it was.

The answer.

Time to get out.

I quietly warned my people in Discord and then started to walk towards the fire exit, forcing myself to go slow so I didnít panic anyone else.

What did I see?

Letís turn back the clock and go frame by frame. Iíll show you exactly what I saw and why I got the hell out and lived to fight another day.

Oh yeah and I†made money†while everyone was down.

How did I do it? Do I have God like clairvoyant powers? No.

Well mostly no.†:)

But I do have a set of rules. And those rules saved my ass.

Itís Four PM, Do You Know Where Your Stop Loss†Is?

I wonít lie. It was an ugly week for me before my big short. I was hemorrhaging money.

After three or four weeks of alts running wild and delivering win after win for me, suddenly I was losing again.

Coins broke up and pulled back in a wild whipsaw. I got in too late and left too early. I was depressed, getting down on myself, fighting the urge to check the charts constantly, not paying attention to my wife when she was talking.

I had exited earlier in the week, after my signals told me something was wrong. But then a few days passed and I was missing the action. I wanted back in.

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