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Six Ways Artificial intelligence Is Shaping E-Commerce

Traders Magazine Online News, August 16, 2018

You must have heard about the revolution of artificial intelligence, but have you heard how it is shaping the E- commerce. AI is already working behind some of the popular brands to increase the number of the customer by the personal touch. We live in the 21st century, where sales do not depend on time, day and place. The customer can buy goods from all over the globe, it’s just the business retailers should be available all the time to serve the customer.

Artificial Intelligence Course will uncover the other facts of artificial intelligence such as deep learning, TensorFlow, machine learning etc. to avail the chances of improvement in skill and knowledge. This article is majorly focussing on artificial intelligence on E-commerce.

Different ways of Personalization

1). Dealing with an empty cart:


E-commerce is the best medium of browsing but when it comes to shop, the customers face many difficulties. Difficulties or problems like confusion and so much of items and to check each and every item is not possible within a time limit. About 70% of online carts are empty before any purchase.

To overcome these type of problems the company named “North face” collaborated with IBM. Through this collaboration, the company is able to form the profile of the customer in which they fill the relevant data like When, where, activities, price, and occasion related to the apparel such that they are able to suggest the apparel as per choice. It reduces the time of the customer from scrolling different products.

So yes, this method worked, around 60% of the customer buy from the category which is recommended.

2). Better Visual search:


AI has helped in recommending the personalised product by creating a common platform between the sales associate in-store and customer through the website. Searching similar product until a correct one pops out.

Companies like eBay, Pinterest are taking help from AI. As per Pinterest, 93% of the users take help from their site before buying anything. Because of that, retailers are partnered with Pinterest to get more benefits.

As per the recent study, around 3.2 billion are earned through social media sharing on daily basis. AI is working on diminishing the barriers between the in-store and online shopping.

3). Different languages:


Chatbots brought revolution in the E-commerce businesses. With the help of virtual personal assistants, the customer can communicate in different languages. Plus these sites are enhanced by natural language processing engines, through these consumers can contact through text, audio call or even through video conferencing.

Also, a huge amount of data can be processed through AI that can be used to interact with the customer. With the help of the information, the user can find the good from the real-time picture and which fit the characteristics.

4). Customer Service:

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